Handmade with love

All items are either handmade or hand assembled by me in my home studio. Here are some of the steps I take to hand make each creation:

  • Custom mix polymer clay colors
  • Condition the clay either by hand or with the help of a clay conditioning machine
  • Apply any textures, inclusions, or embellishments to the clay
  • Hand cut shapes with an exacto knife, cutters specifically made for clay by clay cutter designers, or custom cutters that have been printed with my 3d printer
  • Bake and hand sand each component
  • Apply resin or polyurethane clear coat as needed
  • Hand drill and assemble

I am not a machine but a human working with my heart and my hands.  While consistency is very important to me, each earring might vary slightly from each other (from colors, shaping, drilling, etc). Slight bubbles, fingerprints, minor knicks or scratches, and trace lint are not considered imperfection.  Each item is inspected for quality again after being assembled.  On occasion, you can find less than perfect offerings called "seconds" for sale at a small discount.

Please also note: actual colors may vary from your screen.  Pictures on Instagram may be edited to achieve a certain vibe or aesthetic. Pictures on the website are deaigned to give a more accurate representation.